Third-Party Integrations

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Event registration

Third-party giving

Church management systems

Unlocked Generosity

Native giving

Giving tithes and offerings or giving to a cause it is as easy as a few clicks through your church’s customized fluid app, eliminating the need for checkbooks or logging in to a website through a device.

Unlocked Generosity

Third-party giving

We make beautiful apps for you to use. We don’t do online giving. So… We set out to make sure we work with most online giving platforms.

Activity Feed

The Activity Feed is an up to date snapshot of the church activities all rolled into a single screen. Your attendees will always know what is happening at church.


Keep your people in the loop when they miss a weekend service. The message archive will allow your people to watch or listen to messages wherever they are.


Always up to date

Events are the best way for your attendees to know what is happening at church.


In-app registration

With our customizable call-to-action menu you can link an event directly to a website or event registration page without ever leaving the app.


Each Campus can choose to share the primary App Menu menu or create it’s own unique App Menu. Once the user selects the campus, the app will open to that campus every time. Activity Feed Items, Media, Events, and Causes can be posted to a single campus, multiple campuses, or all campuses.

Unique or shared app menus

Global or campus specific content

The Full List of Features



Android phone

OS updates

App updates

New features added

App submission (Apple App Store & Google Play)


Unlimited pushes

Scheduled pushes

Push notification with linking


Fully customizable

Prebuilt native views for user experience

Custom views to expand your app

App linking (launch other apps from your app)

YouVersion bible included

RSS feed integrations

iCal Integration


Native app views

Realtime customizable app colors

Custom branded icon

Custom branded splash screen

Custom app menu

Modern content management system

One time publish to both platforms


Add to calendar

Customizable action button

Link to registration form (Google form, CCB Form, etc.)

Featured image and description


Built-in giving experience with preferred payment processor

Create a cause page with featured image and info

Give to a cause

Connect with your current online giving service


Watch full length videos

Vimeo compatible

Youtube compatible

Live stream compatible

Display artwork

AirPlay compatible


Full length audio files

Displays artwork

Background audio for multitasking