Everything to know and more

How is the app itself set up?

We have built a framework for the app to function in. The framework is made up of modules. How you use these modules is totally up to you.


  • Activity Feed Module
  • Messaging Module
  • Media Module
  • Events Module
  • Giving Module
Can the app work with any credit card processing company?

No. Every Fluid App will get a free processing account with Paperless Transaction Cooperation. We have teamed up with PTC because of their positive long-standing reputation in the church community. We wanted to create a seamless giving process and by sticking with one payment processor we were able to achieve what we think is the best mobile giving experience we have ever seen.

What are the processing fees for mobile giving?
Card Type Interchange Rate Per Transaction Paperless Cost Total Cost
Debit Card 0.05% 22¢ 0.5% 0.55% + 22¢
Visa Credit 1.35% 0.5% 1.85% + 5¢
MasterCard Credit 1.58% 10¢ 0.5% 2.08% + 10¢
Discover Credit 1.45% 0.5% 1.95% + 5¢

PTC does a full fledge giving solution beyond processing mobile and you can see their features and solutions here.

In the App Store does it show up as The Fluid App or our church name?

The app shows up as your church name or whatever you choose to be the name of your app. It looks like a custom app with your logo and branding.

The app shows up as your church name or whatever you choose to be the name of your app. It looks like a custom app with your logo and branding.

Once we pay all the down payments and you guys launch, how do we build it from there? You will have an area in the Fluid CMS (Content Management System) to upload a Splash screen for the app, an icon for the app, and the description that will show in the app stores. We handle all the building, submitting and future updating to the app itself (Framework only).

And are we able to customize the app itself, not just the features buts its look and interface as well?

We allow you to choose theme colors in your app to match your churches branding you can customize title bar colors all the way down to the favorite icon color. Our theming framework is very flexible and we can easily add more theme options in the future as needed. As you add graphics to the sermons and build up your newsfeed it will start to take on a look of its own. We wanted to make our theming as flexible as possible so you can the app your own.

Do all of your apps basically have the same interface, just arranged for the specific church?

We have carefully thought out this framework for the app to function in, this allows us to keep the cost down for everyone involved and still produce a quality product. We have had some questions like “What about a blog?” Great! Have a blog. Host it on your website where it will excel, post a Newsfeed item with a link your blog and we will take them to it in a web-view while keeping the users in the app. Same for things like Sunday set list, I am sure we will have some people get creative and amaze us with some of the things they do with the modules.

With the group-messaging feature, is that available to everyone who downloads the app, or only those authorized?

Public Groups: The way this works is, anyone that downloads the app will be able to see any public groups. A user can join these groups, when they do, they will be prompted to create a username and password along with some profile information.


Private Groups: When a new user creates their profile they are immediately added to the “registered list” that is visible to the organization admin. As new “private groups” are created the admin will go through the list of registered users to select who is part of that group. If you are added to a “private” message group it will be added to your list of viewable groups. Private groups will only be visible to users that have been added to the group through the Fluid CMS.

How do we upload our video and audio for the Media section?

Audio: You will post the MP3 link of the recording to your Fluid CMS. The audio will then be able to be streamed through the app.


Video: You add the link to either your Vimeo or YouTube video, also through the Fluid CMS. This can be streamed in the app as well to create a seamless user experience.

Is there a calendar in the app?

The app has an “Events” module. When you open the events portion of the app it will list all of the events posted in our CMS. Events are grouped by this weekend, this week or next week. Any event after that will be listed as an upcoming event. In an event we also give you the ability to specify an action button for an event item. This action item can take them to a url (i.e. a registration form) it can also send an email to an email address or call a telephone number if needed.

Does the news feed tie in with our Social Media accounts?

Not at this time. This feature is being considered on our roadmap to be included in future releases.

Can you send and schedule push notifications?

Send: YES, when you post an item to the Fluid CMS (items include an Event, Media Item, Giving Cause or a News Feed Item) you will have an option to send a push notification as well. If the user opens the app via the push notification they will be taken straight into the item associated with the push notification.


Schedule: Eventually. This is in the plan for updated versions for you to be able to add a post but not make it live or to send a push until you schedule it to do so.

Will you be adding modules that churches can purchase as “add-ons” to what already exists?

Yes, this is our plan. Although our vision is to have a low-cost platform we will be listening to our churches and working on future features to make your Fluid App even more customizable to what your church needs.